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Ooooo nasty!

Started by Leebay, May 06, 2009, 17:51:54 PM

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you have to much time on your hands!
must have took ages to find that..

capri v8 driver

the artikel appeard in my mailbox this morning, my boss was standing next to me, when i opend it, and he could not laugh about it.  but we did    
greetz Paul.

Capri V8 Driver.


May 06, 2009, 23:42:44 PM #3 Last Edit: May 06, 2009, 23:45:44 PM by Janspeedcapri
It raises interesting questions though - will the third parties insurance cover the loss of penis? or was it the secretaries fault? will the wife be due compensation for having a dickless husband OR does it serve the randy, unfaithful sod right? maybe the detective tipped off the wife and it was HER in  the van!!

what a rollercoaster ride it must have been for the bloke... getting it sucked one minute, looking for it in the footwell the next - OUCHY


Quote from: maddoldbuggeryou have to much time on your hands!
must have took ages to find that..

Oi stop taking the piss you   I spent ages searching for that on the MSN homepage lol  

Bet there was alot of blood!    I remember when I was down in North Devon some years ago, I`ll never forget there was abit on the local tv news down there about a wife that found out her husband was cheating on her with someone from his work. She waited until he got home one evening and then got all saucy with him in the kitchen.......ended up choping his lil fella off with a knife!!!!

The worst part was she picked it up jumped in the car and then drove out in the country afew miles away and threw his pecker in a field!!! Matey phoned 999 for help in the mean time and the police caught up with her on her way back. She had to direct the coppers to where she had dumped it  

The bloke didnt look too amused when he walked into court on tv.


can you imagine him on direct dating,,,, as seen on tv!!



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