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Welcome to "Four Site" also formely known as, the site dedicated to the Sierra 4x4 in it's various guises produced between 1985 and 1993. Models covered include the mainstream XR4x4 models (2.0i, 2.8i and 2.9i), the budget 4x4 GLS model, Estate models plus the higher powered models from the likes of Turbo Technics, including the Minker, Power Engineering and Janspeed. I have not covered the XR4i, Merkur XR4Ti, XR6 and XR8 as these are well catered for by other web sites.

Sierra XR4x4 If you are already an owner of one of the models covered I hope that this site will provide an interest, and for those thinking of buying one an insight and aid to your purchase. I would recommend anyone that owns or has an interest to join the XR Owners Club where a wealth of knowledge exists for these cars. Follow the link from the XR Owners Club page to find out more details.  Also there is the bulletin board at Ford Power where a wealth of knowledge is available.

This site has not been around for about three years due to other commitments but I decided to resurrect it as it would be a shame to waste the information gathered over the years. A big thank you to all of you who have supported this site in the past and hopefully will help me build it up again in the future.

If you would like to add any views, correct any mistakes or just have pictures of your car featured then email me from the link below. I am always interested in articles I may have missed so if you can supply any additional information, again I would be happy to hear from you. Anyone who would like a link to their website can also contact me and I will add it to the Links page.

Remember all views and experiences within these pages are my own and should be viewed as such. Things that worked for me may not fit other predicaments.

Always seek advice from a suitably qualified person before carrying out any work that may affect the running of your car.

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