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Author Topic: Quote help needed  (Read 1318 times)

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Quote help needed
« on: July 26, 2008, 15:02:55 PM »
in my thread ... http://fordpower.org.uk/forum/index.php?showtopic=5545&st=0&gopid=37284&]http://fordpower.org.uk/forum/index.php?sh...opid=37284&

can't se what I've done wrong    can any one else spot why my quotes not working pls?

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Quote help needed
« Reply #1 on: July 26, 2008, 19:37:20 PM »
Quote from: capri v8 driver
dont hit any thing.

mounting the radiator in the back is something i have seen whit stock car's, but its alote off work, just like JFB already said. there are no elec waterpump's on production car's that have enough flow you need to pump the water around, so this means going aftermarked=$$$$$

in your case, i would make a protection (a steel brace) in front off the radiator and mounth the radiator on flexible mountings. you could mount the radiaror in a angle and lower into the engine bay to lower centre of gravity.

greetz paul.

capri v8 driver.

Quote from: IansSaph
yep, cossy rad mounted high and a custom sump guard to cover the area fron the frontof the bumper to the x member.

Any one know just how the cossie rad is better? is it deeper? more cores?    Am thinking of a skid pan plate but as you can see from the pics its going to be hard to make a lightweight one in the right shape with sufficiant strength to take a motorway cone hitting it any where between 10 and 100mph

Quote from: popuptoaster
i'd fit something smaller and thicker and build it some crash bars, V6 mk2 granny rad is reasonably compact, much more rigid than a sierra rad and keeps my 24v cortina cool easily.

Quote from: Mik
The main reason for shifting the rad to the back is weight transfer, aiding the vehicle to turn in faster by reducing weight in front of the front wheels. . The Sierra has a very light rear end when stripped so this will help the balance dynamics of the chassis.

Not the main reason but certainly a close second on the list after maintaining the rad working in a track day / comp    Spot bollock on though with the idea  

Quote from: Mik
However, this is ideal in a circuit car where high speed cornering is a major factor but it may not be ideal in a car that you want to go sideways for most of its time on track. The only way to find out if you like extra weight at the back end is to test with a weight of 30 to 50 KGs in your spare wheel well. Bags of strapped down sand will do. This will increase the pendulum effect on the back end when it steps out of line. This may make it easier to contol or visa versa. You need to test it out. Hard times eh.

You have gone to mad with the number of quotes, anymore then the above and you end up with what you have in the other thread
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Quote help needed
« Reply #2 on: July 26, 2008, 20:01:43 PM »
Thanks mate  


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