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Author Topic: Introduction to TIG welding....please... someone?  (Read 2740 times)

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Introduction to TIG welding....please... someone?
« on: July 04, 2008, 10:23:59 AM »
Hi all,

I'm looking at buying a Tig welder, only got about £100 to £150 to spend.

Wanting to use it for stainless and Alluminium.

I've looked at the kits to adapt the Arc welders that can be had for about £80 but is it was that simple proper Tig welders wouldn't be near 2k woiuld they!?!

The bay seem to do secondhand ones for near my price but the new ones look 'cheap' will they do the job for me? its only light hobby use but i still want it to work.

I have a snap on 130 Mig i use for steel.



why won't that do alliminium?


This look suitable?

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Introduction to TIG welding....please... someone?
« Reply #1 on: July 04, 2008, 13:16:31 PM »
Cheapest TIG set new is at machine mart £300. I got one from Screwfix for £200, but they don't do them now.

As for welding alloy. Unless you spend about a £1K there no good for alloy. Cheap sets don't have the controls to allow for good alloy welding.


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Introduction to TIG welding....please... someone?
« Reply #2 on: July 04, 2008, 13:49:00 PM »
You'l need a machine that works AC. The cheap tig inverters (like mine) are DC only. AC/DC machines run £1500+
A more affordable option is a good mig - a £500 portamig for example - ac and dc modes and they go down as low as 15a for thin stuff as well as giuving excellent wire feed and digital control, pre and post gas etc.

DO NOT buy a cheap mig (SIP etc) just cos it does AC - it won't do what you want. Ally requires a very stable arc and current to make a decent job.  

Best advice i can give is to have a look here


thers a guy on there who sells the portamigs, which are realy hard to get as they are british made in small numbers and distributed almost in closed network.


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Introduction to TIG welding....please... someone?
« Reply #3 on: July 04, 2008, 14:39:54 PM »
Cheers on the AC / DC info....

i guess a cheap one wil burn and splatter on ally instead of flowing and puddling?

Same story isn't it..... you get what you pay for.

I have a mate that works for the local college. they always have the top equipment... i'll blag a go with that when i need to and save my £100.



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Introduction to TIG welding....please... someone?
« Reply #4 on: July 04, 2008, 15:45:44 PM »
yeah, thats a good plan..its often not worth messing about when you have a one off job thats out of the ordinary. If you can beg steal or borrow the kit, OR better still get someone to do it for ya...thats the way to go sometimes.
Other main points with it is correct shielding gas (argon or argon/helium mix) and cleaning up the metal to welded (removing the oxide) THOROUGHLY.

Will i be tigging that manifold with cast rod? will i buggery - thats one for phil the certified welder - he charges me a drink and its done, properly, first time. Just buying the correct rods and gas would be dearer.


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