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Author Topic: More stolen V5C forms in circulation  (Read 1592 times)

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Simon 3 door

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More stolen V5C forms in circulation
« on: March 24, 2008, 18:23:02 PM »
Another 50,000 V5C vehicle registration documents have been stolen and are now in the hands of criminals. The theft follows virtually identical security breaches in February and August last year.

Bosses at the Swansea agency have again been forced to issue a warning to used car buyers, urging them to check a registration documents serial numbers carefully and report any suspicions to the police.

The stolen documents, which bear serial numbers within the range BG8407501 to BG8431000 and BG9282001 to BG9305000, are already believed to be in circulation. According to the DVLA, the documents are being used by criminals to give stolen cars new identities that appear to be legitimate. The ‚€¹€œcloned‚‚žÂ vehicles are then being sold to unsuspecting buyers, who stand to lose substantial sums if they are caught out.

Motorists can also spot a stolen certificate by looking at the second page of the document. It has a different background colour on the Notification of Permanent Export (V5C/4) tear-off slip. On the stolen documents, the slip is mauve on the front, with pink on the reverse. Legitimate documents are mauve on both sides. Drivers who want to check the validity of a V5C can call the DVLA on 0870 241 1878.


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More stolen V5C forms in circulation
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More stolen V5C forms in circulation
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More stolen V5C forms in circulation
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