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24v starting problems, please help

Started by magic randy, November 08, 2007, 11:06:45 AM

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magic randy

got a 24v BOA v6 fitted with emerald ecu

turns over and over then stops


turns over and fires one cylinder pos two, but still fails to start.
with lambda sensor out it flames out of hole but still doesnt start

want any sugestions simple or complex  
with as much detail as possible and pics or diagrams

thanks in advance



Did this setup run before?

Do you have a standard ECU to try?

Try spraying easystart into one of the vacuum stubs on the side of the throttle body as you start the engine. This will help decide if it's fuel or ignition?



Don't use easy start! feck me TT that stuff's lethal should have been banned years ago.

Super 12v

November 09, 2007, 06:41:32 AM #3 Last Edit: November 09, 2007, 06:43:48 AM by Super 12v
On the emerald, can you see CPS readings whilst cranking? I find it easiest to read when plotted as a line graph over time. what sort of speed can you see? and does it plateaux and hold? Make sure there no blips or spikes as these will be misreadings, and you'll need to check gapping or wiring. Once you've established a good CPS feed to the ECU i'd then start looking at fuel and spark scenarios.

BTW maybe worth checking but from what I've seen of BOA conversion it's appears quite common for the fuel return and feed to get mixed up. maybe worth checking



Yes fule feed/return mixup is common as is pump control problems, missing earts, failed FPR's.



Fuel filter? - mine did exactly the same when the filter got blocked.


Quote from: Jimboxr4x4
Fuel filter? - mine did exactly the same when the filter got blocked.

check if the 2 relays are coming in ie fuel pump,is it runing when ign is switched on,see if you got a spark when cranking take a pluglead off ,put a spare plug in the lead and hold to the engine,have someone to crank the engine,you should see a spark.to check for fuel loosen fuel feed to engine,not the return mind and carfully with a n empty tin see iff you have a full pipe when ign switched on,it will only be for a sec mind,also you can check the white and black large electrical connectors to the engine loom,these can play up...good luck glyn