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24v parts wanted

Started by Heath Robinson, February 18, 2016, 23:24:49 PM

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Heath Robinson

Hi all.
After a few bits, first lot hopefully fairly cheap as I intend to hack them about a bit!
All for a BOA -
Inlet manifold in whatever condition.
The part that sits in the valley, and the thermostat housing bolts to. Has the temp sensor screwed into it.
Maybe also the thermostat housing too.

Secondly, I'd like to find a good condition timing blade for the BOA (I know, hen's teeth etc) and any other timing bits that might be useful - I have a good chain, NOS tensioner and NOS guide (the easy one to find). Also those little friction plates that sit above the chain between the sprockets in the heads.

Finally, if the price is right, a BOB short engine & cams, or whole engine. Don't need the ancillaries, or even the timing gear. Just a decent bottom end, and the cams.

I know that's a long list of wants, but I'm not in any hurry, so let me know what you have!


Heath Robinson

Yeah, I think that's the thermostat parts! I'll check it against my engine tomorrow, thanks rob.

adams 2000e

I have an inlet plenum available. make me an offer.

postage wont be cheap as it is heavy or I am based in poole, dorset.


i think i have everything you want. Got a complete BOB/BOA hybrid, also some BOB cams.....However i live in Barbados so postage will be fairly high. No longer using the engine, in fact it may even be seized..... will check if you interested
couple other parts as well....2.8 granada flywheel, performance coil pack, magnecor plug wires, 6 sets of piston rings, 3 sets of valve seals
possibly more if i search

Heath Robinson

PMs sent to all and sundry, apologies if you get no response from me for a week or so, I'm going to France for a bit.