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November 22, 2019, 16:04:20 PM

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My ford sierra VAN and my sierra MINKER 323 and other stuff

Started by gazfromoldham, March 30, 2014, 21:22:25 PM

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Not been on for a while, but find pictures of current collection.

Sierra Minker 323 build no 007  59000 miles
Escort XR3i F reg 19000 miles
Sapphire Cosworth H reg 350bhp
Mk1 Fiesta 950 L  W reg 31000 miles

Latest addition  2 Ford Sierra VANS  only two known to exist. three were only built


nice collection. cosworth has to be my favourite but i do like the fiesta - they were fun to rag back in the day...felt so fast!


My daily driver is an S8 but the fiesta gets so many looks. people follow you in to the shops just to talk about it.
it even has a radio cassette that you take out to turn over ( no auto reverse in them days)
one door mirror is fun reversing and damn no parking sensors!!


My Capris been off the road so long I've forgotten what that curiosity/attention is like. miss it :'( 

the daily driver "ford community" mondeo v6 GhiaX will be old enough to get looks soon though lol probably for the next worthy cause though ;D