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November 21, 2019, 13:23:37 PM

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going for a more "retro racer" style

Started by limey, November 22, 2013, 09:47:07 AM

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as usually happens im bored of the same look so the headlight tints are gone and they will be yellowed up along with the front fogs. the bonnet will probably stay raised until i can afford some tastfull bonnet vents though. looking at doing a BP themed look but will see how things go. im also looking at getting the alloys rims done to match the bodywork instead of pollished.
heres the starting point of the new look. none of the changes will make it faster,i just want a different lok to the car thats all


Good luck getting the look you want for your car !

Is the front RS spoiler genuine ? If yes, how come its low edge is almost at same level with the rest of the car's bodywork ? Mine sat way lower and made me take it off in the end.

mk2 cossie

It is a genuine splitter i believe. But i think the angle of the pics  makes it look like it is level. It is actually the lowest point of Rich's wagon  :P


it is a genuine rs one,took years to aquire and mk2cossie is 100% right mate,its the angles.
if i try looking between the road surface and the bottom of it i cant even see the crossmember. is grounds out on pretty much everything  but being made of a rubbery material i tends to just rub a little off each time. i took it off a while back but refitted it. it would have been fine but the cars been lowered quite heavily ,was meant to be a 40mm drop but turned out to be more like 4-5 inches.when fitting it ,it seats perfectly against the wing edges so can only go where it is meant to.

love your 2 door!!! ive  never even seen a 2 door in this country.


Damn ... I really hoped you had some sort of an easy solution for that front spoiler, to get it higher  :lol:

I'll be watching your progress, you're doing well ! And thanks for the DIY you wrote on the other forum (which is now dead, sadly) regarding clear front indicators; I did mine after reading that  ;D


We all gave in there and set up the www.fordgranadaclubuk.freefo.de.
I dropped my clear lens and ruined it.post up a pic of yours mate,im chuffed it helped.
Sadly the front spoiler is moulded to fit the car.smith and deaken make a fibreglass rs kit though and
if your good with fibreglass(im def not) you could pos modify to suit.mk2 cossie did make a stainless centre bracket for mine though to help support mine when nudging speed humps.


Yes, I also thought of casting a fiberglass replica that would sit at least 4 cm higher. We'll see...

Here's the indicator; far from perfect, but does the job and cost me ~5 pounds for the pair.

Thanks for the other website, I'll check it!


nicely done mate,the ones i made and then promptly dropped were from a strip light diffuser know as "worcester",they had two patterns on and i was really chuffed with them..............brielfy :(
the company that used to make fibre glass kits for the granada are
their kits look good on cars at shows but ive never seen a raw one prior to fitting though so cant comment on them.
you could make a mould from your rs one and then make a fibreglass one of your own,i found that the materials for fibreglassing
were a bit high for my needs when i looked into it so didnt bother.you could slice the bottom of the wings and front valence though,personally i wouldnt but im scared of doing stuff like that