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Anyone into Grass Track?

Started by Dave, April 29, 2013, 22:21:45 PM

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My brother finished this car the other month.

He has built some crazy motor's but this thing is insane.

It's a class 10 Grass Track.

The exact spec is secret but it uses an LS6 V8 my brother built with a Holley carb, a custom made/designed gearbox, 6 piston brakes all round but the real secret weapon is the Sierra hubs it uses lol

Bit late this year but it should win the Championship next year, just pulls away from everything else!

It pulls wheelies at 100mph & at full weight is more than 1000bhp per ton  :mellow:



looks like a chassis and rear setup made by graham bennet in gloucsester,last one I saw he had a hiyabusa engine in it but i like the sound of a v8!
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I think it's last years chassis with mods.

They have tried bike engines, 4 pot turbo's but have now gone back to V8.

& this one beats everything else they have tried.

Couldn't even get enough traction on the dyno for a proper figure, just know it's over a certain amount which works out at least 1000 bhp per ton.

capri v8 driver

greetz Paul.

Capri V8 Driver.


Not grass but dirt, clay and gravel, whe can only use 4 cilinders, here is a pic from a mates car, my brother in law's one is in parts (again) becouse the proflexes need rebuilding and the diff is fooked (is only the 8th orso)


Run in ......

Mikey J

I built one for a guy down in Devon a few years after the ls6 came out but I think it would have been in a different class of racing as I seem to recall it had loads of coilovers all over it lol.  There are a few ls grasstrackers out there but most were on efi. The holley intakes only been around a few years.  If it's making over 450 hp it's doing well.  The only difficulties some guys experienced was traction, presumably in the wet because these engines put a lot of torque down from just off tickover.  Ls3's are the ticket now as well as the cheaper 4.8's and 5.3's.  There's a 4.8 rated at over 1000 hp somewhere on the internet but it was using turbo's.


QuoteIf it's making over 450 hp it's doing well.

It's way over 500bhp / 500 lbs mate but it looses traction on the dyno so they don't know the true max figures.

The low down torque is what they was after & tuned for.

You may get people asking you for LS6 builds as it is getting a lot of attention at the moment.

Here is the very first time it went out on the track.

The engine was limited to 3000rpm max & all they did was test stuff that meet.

You can see it still holds it's own with less than half the revs.


This is problem at the moment, it lifts the front wheels too easily lol


Mikey J

Very good video Dave, I liked it. Do you know that I wouldn't even know where to find an ls6 engine now, they're at least 12 years old and they can't be rebored. A .005" hone is all you can do to them.  You're mate either found a low mileage engine or had it relinered and over sized ;).


I don't really know what he did to it to be honest, me & brother have never really got on lol!
We tend to do our own things & all that.

I know the budget for that car build was 35K so the engine would be far from STD!  ;)

mk2 cossie

Very nice indeed  ;D

But, is that a direct drive from the transverse v8 to the diff assembly?  :-X


It's a simple 2 speed gearbox that was designed & made just for that car.

No diff, don't need one on dirt!

Drive train losses are almost zero lol


Is it a hewland two box? Whe use a sequential box, but are only one of tree rear wheel drive on the island, most are vag engines, few fuel injection, most with carbs. The volvo shown is a truly engineering masterpiece, its a diesel bottom end, with a 16v turbo petrolhead on top of it, and goes like stink, but, turbo is to large, soit wont fully spool until 3/4 of the short straight, while our escos t25 engine has almost full boost halfway the straight...only problem, whe have abouth 90 kilo's of weights just behind the rear axle, just to have grip in the wet. I always fancied the sprinter series, overhere they have 3 classes, a 1600 super, a 2000 super and a special class, also v8, but also porche turbo engines, v10 engines from italian sport cars, but the nissan 6 inline from skylines are the fastest is have seen, 1600 and 2000 are rear wheel drive, the specials are 4x4, you can lift a empty frame with 4 guys, such cool cars to see and drive, but also a bit scary!


Would love to have a drive of one bet it is real good fun. Do they get many that flip or roll or do they just have mass suspension travel to absorb the ruts and bumps ?
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A Hewland box is the normal choice for these yes but as I say this one is not & is custom made as in one of a kind.

This is a Class 10 car which basically means unlimited.

Yes lots of suspension travel, the suspension for the car cost thousands & they are constantly tweaking it.


My dad and I spent many years doing autocross,I will get back into it once my daughter is a bit older.[attachment=2]