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Nailed it !

Started by Lemon-Ade, December 08, 2012, 20:20:08 PM

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Asked my mate to pass my nail gun then bang  :

What a dumb ass  :'( :'(

Run in ......


Outch! :o

Is that your hand?! God it's impressive!

The reflex to take a picture supose that's there is no so much pain... (I  don't think so)

Are you Ok?
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No , it's my mates thank god! He didn't feel it and it didn't bleed, he is fine they pulled it out at the hospital after an x-ray 5 hours later . He had to have pulled the end of the gun back and pulled the trigger pretty dumb really...

Run in ......


Not nice .
Use those guns all the time .
I think most people manage to shoot themselves at some point including me .
Actually one of my guys shot me as well !

From memory , over the years I think I've taken five of my guys to A&E with an ingrowing nail like that ,
one of them twice  :rolleyes:
Taking them out is the nasty bit .


My hand hurts just looking at that. NASTY!


Horrible sight, i use a nailgun once in a while, only nailed my sleeve to a roof, i was pretty stuck, but didnt need any doctors advise...

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Hmm, its not so bad ;D only 2 little holes. ;D

more carnage....

Here is my right upper and lower leg, pictures are from last fryday.

[attachment=1] [attachment=2]

And it aint over for me, next fryday, more cutting by the doktor, but now the left leg and before old and new years day, the doctor will have to do it again in the lower back and arm.

1 week in the new year, the dentist will have a go at me and will remove the braces.

greetz Paul.

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capri v8 driver

Its not caused by a accedent like Ade and his smart friend  ;D ;D ;D ;D

The doctor said it was where skin tumors (of the good kind) but a good tumor can turn bad very fast. So now i ask the doctor to take a nife and remove them all.

Not the smartest idea because the local anaesthesia, that normal hous doctors and dentist use, doesnt really work that well with me. 
greetz Paul.

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good job its not the bum wiping hand lol unless hes a leftie??

hes lucky its on that side of his hand, theres less tendons etc, chap at work had a similar injury and i had to take him up the hospital, after the x ray and hours of waiting they gave him a tetanus and pulled it out. It will ache like mad after that pulled out, imagine the dull ache stabbing your self with a needle gives but worse :-X

Still could of been worse and im sure plenty of sympathy will be given for about 10 mins then the pee taking will begin lol


In the UK we call them moles (dark brown roundish bits on the skin?), best have them removed while there healthy.
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Blimey matt a few have done it then lol

Paul, that looks sore mate! hope the rest goes well for you.

Matt he's a right hander lol  and very lucky to not have done any major damage and he has been given a hard time lol he's back to work tomorrow so we will step up the piss taking a few notches lol see if he can take it ......

Run in ......


Paul, does it hurt when they remove the moles,mor, after it? Ive got one on my face right in my sideburn/pussybrush, but im f*ing scared to let them get removed, had minor surgery on my eyelids, and that was pretty bad to, so i dont wanna go back again...

capri v8 driver

Not really, the only "pain" you feel is the needle for the local anaesthesia, after that, its maybe 5 minutes of cutting, followed by the stiches and a band aid. after that the local anaesthesia wears of very quik, but there is not real pain. It more like inconvenieus and it wears of in a few days.

If the mole really bothers you, i would talk with the doctor and ask him for his opinion. Since yours is in the face, my guess is that the doctor will send you to a hospital, unless he is good in doing that him self (and you save money in the process).

I have mine removed because they itch from time to time and a friend told me that that was no good and it could be that the tumor is active or chancing. But a good tumor can turn bad very fast and in that case i dont wanne take that risk and ask the doctor to remove them all.
greetz Paul.

Capri V8 Driver.