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Well I've sort of given up on this place since the "upgrade" as it seems practically un-useable but I'm getting back to my Ford project so could do with being able to actually get something useful out of the place again so.....

WTF am I doing wrong because I can't believe everyone is having these problems.

Whenever I log in I want to see what's been posted since my last login. Logically I'm thinking "show unread posts since last visit" would do the trick but I always get the message that there are no posts to display.

It's as laggy as hell. I can be two words ahead when typing and this can be at any time of day so it's not just a case of being online at times of heavy usage.

Any suggestions?


capri v8 driver:
Witch browser are you using?

Sorry to hear this.

I just looked at your preferences & settings on the forum, I can not see any problems.

Yes as Paul says what browser do you use.

If it's explorer it may be that you need to delete all your history & cookies.
Be sure to record any passwords etc before you do so as you may delete all stored data.

May sound a cop out but explorer tends to slow down & do the delayed typing thing when it has not been cleaned up or re-installed for ages. Also 7 or older seems to have slowed down with some recent microsoft updates.

Well, Internet Explorer does have it`s problems(understatement...), but you should be able to get on the forum and post messages.

I agree with Dave that you probably have got some old cookies that are messing up your browser.
Maybe it`s easier to install either Mozilla FireFox or Google Chrome,both are a lot more stable than IE.

Hope this helps..

capri v8 driver:
I am not gone discuse browsers here  ;D, each have there good points, but also bad points.

Google for free ccleaner and install it, as Dave said, make a record of you passwords, and let it clean.


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