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Brick in a washing machine


You need to watch it to the end, it gave me a chuckle  ;)


that chap in the video is this guy

he normally does stuff with extreme electricity in his loft!

you can tell the bearings are fine. at my job i'll do something with washing machines, but the XL version, the ones that can hold 25 kilo's of laundry each time, they can do weird things when not loaded proper...

i have a customer who has an big dry tumbler, the thing danced around a bit, so... he fixed it to the floor of the building (concrete), and after a week or two he also fitted a big spring between the tubler and the wall, resulting in utter destruction, a big chunck of concrete about a meter by a meter torn out of the floor, and the whole wall collapsed...

i dind't fit it, i didnt sell it, so not my foult, but next time he will listen to my advice :angel:

by the way, the best way to see if your washing machine bearings are still okay, together with the springs and dampers, put your workboots in the machine and nothing else, you'll hear it fast enough if the bearings are still okay, and trust me, i'm a trained mechanic :wacko:

Thats pure entertainment that I'm wetting myself here ! :2tu:


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