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Posting pictures problem.

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What am i doing wrong?

I follow the fool proof guide but still fail to post a picture!!

I browse my desktop and select the desired picture, it appears in the box next to the browse button, but when upload is hit, after a short wait the screen appears with no attachements!!!!

Whats wrong with me?

Help jon....

O.K so you loaded it but after you clicked on the upload radio button did you see "manage uploaded attachments in the box above?
Once you click on that it shows the uploads, in the drop down menu look for the small icon with the +, click on that and your done.

I will say, that if the picture is placed right at the top of the page it might need to be cut/pasted to the place ya want it.

Hi and thanks.

The manage attachements box appears but "manage current attachement (0)" is what it says! If i drop the menu down all it says is "there are no items currently".


then the upload didnt happen,,, is the picture to big?


then the upload didnt happen,,, is the picture to big?

875 KB, it says 10MB limit per download!!


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