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Hi , Ad from holland with a Capri with a BOB project


Hi guys and gals , i am coming from holland , and i try to get as much as possible information to put a BOB cosworth V6 engine in my Capri , and i am looking for some tips to make the body a little bit stiffer . I heard something to weld triangles from the chassis beam in the motor compartiment to the firewall , please correct me if i'm wrong , i have with my Capri 2 Granada's , one mk1 coupé , one Mk2 pre-facelift 2 door saloon , and a Fiesta mk2 supersport 1400 , and i have a Mondeo Mk3 2500 Ghia , and for my wife a Ecosport

capri v8 driver:
Welcome to this forum.

Welcome on our forum.
Im sure you will find/get all the info you'll need.

P.s. blijven mooie auto's die Capri's  :thumbsup:


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