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my sierra complete cosworth rep (currently going 24v boa)

Started by kieran_macca, September 02, 2012, 13:28:55 PM

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thought i would share a few pictures of my sierra which i have done alot of work to over the past year or 2, it is a complete cossy rep inside and out, pretty much all except the engine i guess (and the rs skirts)
im currently converting it to 24v boa and getting on pretty well with it, all thats left is wiring, exhaust and fuel pipes, not doing to bad i guess :)
anyway here is some pics of the car, hope you all like it

and here is a pic of the engine in the car

thanks for looking :)



Thanks, yeah there 2 friends of mine. I love ae86's, you might not be able to see but in the pic of the engine you can see a slight glimpse of my ae86 on the spit :)


Can't realy make it out lol.

quite liking the new GT86, especialy as they have it RWD.



On the rhs of the pic you can just about see a bit of the ae86 engine bay lol

Yeah it's good to see a nice sporty rwd being made again :) have you seen frederick asbo's drift gt86?


Run in ......



Got a good mean stance.  :mellow:

Camber looks bad on the back, bet it goes through a few tyres!