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Automation - Car building/tycoon game

Started by robt100, July 11, 2012, 23:51:01 PM

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Hi Everyone!

Thought some of you more managerial game types might like this, very much for the petrol heads!

Its a game currently in development which has just released a free demo.
The main idea behind the game is to create your own car company, creating your own car and engine designs and pretty much running the company as your own. It's currently in its early stages and the demo contains the engine designer/builder. There's a sandbox mode for playing about with whatever you want, and then a few scenarios to keep you head-scratching at how to meet all the requirements!

Its a great tool for learning basics about engines as well as the intricate parts. It's been tested to be as accurate as possible too. (have tried different states of tune for pinto's and it comes out similar to dyno readouts I see on here!).
You can change anything from head/block/piston/rod material, to bore and stroke, fuel systems, cam profiles, exhaust sizes and manifold types!

Heres a link and below are a few screenshots of current parts and some development stuff! http://automationgame.com/

Any questions feel free to ask!


that looks rather cool, will download that later
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Quick word of warning, this was the last thing I downloaded before my laptop crashed horribly this week, don't know for definite if it caused it but my hdd is now scrap on a pc that has never crashed before


Wouldnt have thought it would be, it has ran fine on hundreds of other PC's.
Did you run the game before the crash? Or was it just downloading?  Might be worth posting it in the official forum with full details incase it is related in some way so they can fix it. Must say ive never heard of anyone having any trouble before, usually very stable!


NOT certain, laptop is being looked at now, but i only downloaded it, then it said there were some updates, i downloaded them, then turned it off, it wont turn back on, windows crashes every time and the fault is consistent with hard drive being scrap due to a download, the warning is just in case, so people can get their anti virus stuff up and running. ill buy another hdd, no big deal. im not blaming the game, as im not certain at all, but just in case.