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My 24v BOA Sapphire (UPDATE; back on the road)

Started by skinner, October 25, 2011, 00:37:25 AM

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Picked up my new 2wd sapphire 24v cossie last Sunday, that I bought on the 'Bay' and I've not been hanging around with it

This is how I bought it...

Already had the boa conversion done, is based on a 2litre ghia so already has full leather heated front and rear screens, the usual ghia bits and bobs with the addition of 4x4 bonnet, cosworth bodykit, full stainless exhaust, AEZ alloys, LSD and cossie rear discs.

It needs a bit of tidying for example some of the interior trims are broken, like the gear surround, the rev counter doesn't work properly as it's still the 4 cylinder one, still has standard front brakes, the engine bay wiring needs tidying in a couple of places, and there is a bad oil leak which appears to be coming from the driver side rocker cover. It needed a rear light for the mot and the previous owner fitted a hatchback unit so it isn't the same as the other one, the front bumper is broken and the rear one is a hatchback bumper, and the boot lid seal needs replacing.

As I say I've not been hanging around with it, fitted some avo gtz coilovers and replaced the inner and outer TCA bushes with polyurethane items...

I'll give the bushes and suspension a day or so to settle then get it on my hunter geometry machine and get it all aligned up, but you can already tell the difference.

Will post more updates as and when I get more bits and bobs done to it, thanks for taking the time to read this.

CheeRS Matt


Very nice mate  ;D  that was worth hunting for  :mellow:

Run in ......



Nice car, just need front brakes now  :P
Don't Scrap it, Restore it!

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I couldn't agree more, but I do have a set of st220 callipers and st170 300mm discs and all the nescersary adapters I just need to drill the bolt holes in the hubs out



Unfortunately not a positive one. Currently sitting in kfc waiting for recovery, after the gearbox wouldnt select 1st and me limping the car into the car park I lost all gears, gear stick is loose and floppy clutch feels ok but I can't get a gear, any help would be much appreciated, im not sure if the box is dead or the linkage is broken I'm not sure :/


Found the problem, the linkage has broken, but at least the gear box aint FUBAR! But how do I get to it?

capri v8 driver

If i am correct, lower the gearbox, the shifter cradle has 4 screws you need to remove and disconnect the shifter at the gearbox.
greetz Paul.

Capri V8 Driver.


Well after scrabbling around on the drive realised it just wasnt possible to do the job on stands. So the car has gone on a little holiday to a local garage called NDB who are a great and helpful bunch of guys, and they have managed to repair it for me.

In the mean time as a couple of people have asked me to post some, here are a couple of pics of the engine...

Should have the car back tomorrow all sorted


Picked the car up this evening, linkage is sorted so I can actually drive the car, but once fixed the garage found the box didn't like 2nd gear, it won't go in at low revs, you need to match the engine speed to get it in, so I think I'm right in assuming the syncro is shot on 2nd (correct me if I'm wrong) so I think a trip to my local transmission specialist and get him to check it out.


Well the car is back on the road, box was all ok, turned out when the gear linkage was repaired it wasn't lined up properly hence it wasnt going into 2nd properly. So got a new clutch in, got one of my guys at work to repair the linkage properly this time (should've have done this the first time) drives great again :)


Run in ......


Teaser pic...

Had an idea at work, going to re-do it with my proper camera, when I've reset up my coilovers, given it a polish


Run in ......


Tache is going fine thanks mate, sorry for the lack of updates

Well more drama today, picked the motor up from work on the way to the post office to tax it and the gear linkage broke again so back to work it went, once we checked it out found that it hadn't snapped again but one of the roll pins had fallen out and the linkage had come apart, so put it all back together again with a bolt and nylock nut and it's all sorted again and back on the drive, let's see how long it's going to last this time lol currently I've had it 4 weeks and it's spent 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off the road so lets hope it's all sorted now :)

If I get a chance this weekend I've got a tail light and both light seals to replace aswell as all the boot carpets and the boot lid seal, then give it a good clean and some pics posted on here


Well today I got a chance to change the boot carpets, the boot lid seal and the rear light seals. I had to change the carpets because of the mould caused by the damp getting in through the old seals, also cleaned out the little spouts on the end of the gutter drains on either side of the boot as they were a little blocked up. Carpets need a good hoover as I'm sure you will agree but they are much better than what was in there. What I hadnt bargained for was the hole I found...

What I removed

The replacement carpets and trims

And my nasty surprise...

Would that take or cost much to sort as I am no fabricator?


Well I know it's been a long time, the car is far from forgotten, how ever it has been placed on the back burner several times for various reasons including but not limited to 2 new children 2 house moves. But some steps have been taken and after being dormant for 3 and a half years the Sierra lives again, it by no means is finished but the bug has bitten again!!

But check the link out for a short video of the Sierra coming back to life