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Rolling roads

Started by 3doorclone, August 27, 2011, 23:13:24 PM

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Hi all, So Torque of the devil has closed down so can any body recommend another dyno that knows about the K jetronic system, i have a xr4i with a bored and stroked 2.9 crank making a 3.2lt with a pair of swaymar 6 port big valve heads, i'd liked to of gone back to TOTD to compare the results as it made 178bhp and 198 ft lb with ported std valve heads, so if anyone can recommend a dyno who charge a reasonable rate and not a million miles away from middlesex and i'd rather not go south of London either :rolleyes:

thanks in advance ;D


Just round the corner from Torque of the devil is power Engineering.

They have the same make of dyno but just running slightly better software.

It depends alot how the road is set up & the operator so your never gonna get a perfect comparsion.

Take your old graph on there is some of the settings so they can match some of it.

Compare engines by the wheel figures not the corrected one assuming the drive train is completely the same.


northampton motorsport ask for steve knows alot about the old v6 k-tronic 01604 766624 say ash give you the number they will look after ya


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