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Had my 24v BOB Turbo mapped finally

Started by Damocos, August 02, 2011, 00:03:27 AM

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Run in ......


Quote from: turboshed on April 20, 2013, 18:43:14 PM
Any joy on the rollers?

Didn't make it  :( Pete needed a new BOB waterpump so gotta wait till one comes in from Burton's, about 2-3wks  :rolleyes: So re-scheduled for mid may ;)
IPB Image


hi have you tried your clutch yet , I heard that no one done the bob water pump which I thought strange but they do . someone bought my old one I had for that reason!! looking forward to getting mine on the road next week  :mellow:


Sorry to hear that Damo , I bet Pete is gutted?

Run in ......


Been re reading through turbo stuff for the 24v as I started to mock up my bob for a pair of Nissan r33 gtr turbos. There like T28's. well hit a few problems.
Position of the passenger side is easy, but the drivers side means moving loads of pipes and bottles. Not what I wanted. Also it tight on room anyway that side.
Then I found I had been sold 2 cracked turbos, waste gate seats on both are craved through. I'm guessing the person I hit them off knew as they were cheap And I didn't know that was a fault with them.

So I'm now looking to a single turbo, manifold is now mostly built. But what turbo spec for around the 350 bhp area with good boost from 2500 rpm???


I'm running t3 which is really good on my BOA