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24v turbo 4x4 MK3 escort

Started by v6gerry, May 11, 2010, 22:14:32 PM

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type in Field Motorsport in google and it comes up go on there website and you can contact them from there,
another guy on here, in Members projects My 909 3 door  Lemon Ade, also got piston made by another manufactuare i think his where Arrow pistons .


thank yes i did just that now i will be waiting for answer so yes in a couple day we should see waht they say i dont see any post from lemond is he still on the site? did anyone did a mk1 capri4x4 and have photo about it ? thank again for the replied and merry christmas and happy new year to the folk in the uk and around the world


lemon ade is in members projects , im in members cars so are you . yes his posts are still on here ,


ah ok
because i didn't see any of his post that is why ok not a problem thank

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