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Author Topic: Sierra estate BOB conversion advice needed.  (Read 1702 times)

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Sierra estate BOB conversion advice needed.
« on: November 02, 2009, 09:10:37 AM »
Hi guys and gals how are we all, my mate has bought my dads 1.8cvh carb engined sierra estate and is doing a BOB conversion on it.
What we need to know is do the injection fuel tanks from a hatchback fit or is there a specific tank for the estate with injection?
If it turns out that the fuel tank for the estate is different does anyone know where he could get hold of a suitable tank as he is getting desperate.
Thanks everyone

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Sierra estate BOB conversion advice needed.
« Reply #1 on: November 04, 2009, 18:56:16 PM »
12v 2.9`s run from a intank pump/sender unit that sits in a swirl pot dont they? I know my donor 2.0 twincam had a in tank pump unit that was on a g-reg, I wanted to use that but was just a tad too long to fit between the diff and rear valance on my escort.  

I`m sure you could either get a pattern estate tank from Beevers cheap or get a normal sierra hatch tank with a swirl pot to fit without too much trouble. Could use the 1.8 tank with external swirl pot but then you`ll need 2 pumps.........I welded a mk5 escort swirl pot in the bottom of my 1.4 fiesta tank the other day. Running normal fiesta sender unit with a mk5 escort intank pump as its running a 1800 zetec now, though I didnt really have many options but by the time you`ve faffed around doing something like that you might as well of sourced a suitable OE sierrra one  

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