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Author Topic: Mallory Park Track day's 20/11/09 + 29/12/09  (Read 1635 times)

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Mallory Park Track day's 20/11/09 + 29/12/09
« on: September 10, 2009, 18:05:02 PM »
I've been busy setting up a track day business (well its evolved from the Uni Motorsport club) so thought I share the deatails with you guys.

The next Mallory Park date details are as follows . . .

This track has been around since 1940's as a pony trotting track, then in the 1948 a grass track was made. The first concrete had been layed by 1956 and thats when the seriouse fun started. Since then it has been home to some of the best racing in England and has hosted everything from Superbikes to Truck Racing. Mallory Park has seen some of motor racing‚‚žÂs greats compete there. John Surtees returned to Mallory to win on both 2 and 4 wheels (the only man to win World Championships on both 2 and 4 wheels). The great Giacomo Agostini was beaten by local legend John Cooper (a Derby lad!)in the Race of the Year. Agostini was World Champion at this time so it was a great success for Cooper.  It has also been home to Radio 1 roadshows and Bay City Rollers concerts to name a few, and this summer coming it will be the home of Doughnutters Trackdays 3 day camping and track event, but more on that at a later date  

It has what is regarded as one of the fastest corners of an English track, the famous Gerrards Corner (120mph is acheivable) and at the other end one of the slowest hairpins (20 - 30mph) and a few more corners thrown in to test you inbetween!

We will be running 3 x 15 minute sessions. Each session will include up to 25 cars on track together. Once the 15 min session is finshed, the next session goes out. This means 15 mins on track, about 30 mins off track (time to cool off, check your car, have a cup of tea or use the toilet / cafe facilities) and then your back on the track again. We guarentee 6 sesssions minimum!

First sesion will start at 9am. we will have a brief break for lunch to allow the marshalls, fire crews, ambulance and rescue truck drivers to grab something to eat. Then its back out on track untill its too dark to race!

Everyones welcome! We will have the usual mixture of different cars and this will be an oppertunity to see the Santa Pod, Drift demo car, attempt to drift Gerrards corner at speeds of well over 100mph  :matrix:

Spectators are free of charge to come down (free parking too) and there are some awesome veiwing points around the track, although children under 16 will not be permitted in the Pit / Paddock area unsupervised. There is a cafe and licensed bar for them to use while they enjoy the action on track.

105 db limit  :D  

We will have a photogapher on site taking pictures to upload onto our web site.
We will have expert race instructors available for tuition. Please contact us for package prices on this.

The usual free tips and advice!

To take passengers on track its a further £10 for the whole day (sorry but this is to cover the insurance, of which there is a cover policy in place to the value of £10,000,000 for everyone on track).

Too compare it to Silverstone Trax who were charging £30 per 15 min session and a further £10 for a pasenger, that would work out at £240 for 6 sessions with passenger or £180 on your own.

Our day is £99 on your own or £109 with your passenger!  

Due to the xtremely high speeds involved on this track, Helmets are mandatory for everone and a maximum or 2 people in a car on track!

There has been a lot of interest from owners clubs who want to bring groups along and also hold small show areas in the Paddock areas so this is filling up fast!

Payment can either be in cash to me, via paypal (add on the charges) or by check to Doughnuters Ltd.

Any queiries / questions please contact me either by PM or on this thread.

May I also ask you to check out the site http://www.doughnutters.com]http://www.doughnutters.com that is currently being updated with details.

You will find on the site our own club rules, shortly to be added will be the Mallory specific ones for that date.

For those of you who have never been to Mallory, a couple of pictures . .

Currently lots of space but the adverts in for PPC magazine at the end of the month an we expect it to fill up quickly then!

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Mallory Park Track day's 20/11/09 + 29/12/09
« Reply #1 on: September 22, 2009, 21:17:23 PM »
Good stuff! Sounds a bargain.

Hope its all going well..........Definintely going to be doing alot of track day next year in the mk2 fiesta once I`ve got the cage fitted and work has slowed down abit.

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Mallory Park Track day's 20/11/09 + 29/12/09
« Reply #2 on: September 29, 2009, 00:49:54 AM »
Cheers mate!

Still plenty of tickets left!


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