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24v Rocker gasket

Started by Doughnutter, October 17, 2008, 13:34:59 PM

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Need one asap, certainly before next weekend. Been told Barry Xr4i does them, done a member search but can't find him. Any one able to help out with directions too him? or a o/s rocker gasket?




took me and the apprentice from 10 am to 6 pm to do the rocker cover gaskets and the injectors

2 tips, dont assume the gasket is ok because it looks fine, and dont snap the injector and send bits of plastic down into the engine!

we did one ok, then the other looked fine but it definately wasnt! we just upset it.

used hylomar to stick the gasket on, would have worked better on a clean surface.

Mikey J

I found an evostick glue from focus is really good for sticking the gaskets on.  Use the one which gives you 3 minutes to position stuff before it sets. Easy peasy.


i just used silicon sealant on my original 24v rocker cover gaskets. i pulled the gasket from the rocker cover (half way off anyway). sealed it back on with silicon sealant, left it over nite to dry. next day put some on the edge of the head where the gasket mates up. that seamed to do the job nicely. cheap as well



Thanks for the replys  

Got it sorted today, dropped down to see Fitz today at Top Bos and he changed the rocker covers for a real good pair he had spare. Tryed out the blue Vaux injectors but the car just wouldn't run right, really overfuelling, so we dropped the original ones back in. All done in a lazy afternoon and by God is it running better now after a little tune. Fitz even sorted me a new set of Magnecor leads and some plugs. 60 quid for the rockers, 80 quid covered the leads and plugs and a score to fit. He's done a top job at a bargain price. I know some of you don't get on with him, but today his work has been second to none and TBH he's my hero as I can still get out and take my test tommorrow at Teeside.