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Author Topic: opion poll  (Read 1606 times)

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opion poll
« on: July 08, 2008, 19:43:31 PM »
OK here we go

Just for the hell of it.

How many of you all out there feel its an advantage to be able to adjust the rear caster and camber of the sierra, without having to shim it.

Reason being there's all these fancy adj suspensions for sale out there but they cost an arm and a leg.

Is it really worth it? I wouldn't be buying one due to the cost, but really just a question to see how you all feel. Would more people want and buy it if it were cheaper?

The other thing to think of,  where you gonna get it set up. When I fitted my adj tca's to the front, how many places sent me packing and when I did find a place to set the alignment, I had to show the bloke how to set it and then still pay double after being chased off the floor area by the manager.

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opion poll
« Reply #1 on: July 08, 2008, 21:32:53 PM »
It all depends on what you are using the car for, if its only normal use then i would not bother at all, if its track use then i would go for it straight away.

Me personnaly i only use mine on the road i do minimal track days, i do a bit of drifting, so i put up with the camber of the wheels and going through tyres like they have gone out of fashion lol.

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opion poll
« Reply #2 on: July 08, 2008, 23:49:29 PM »
Ideally, any Sierra with lowered rear suspension needs shims or an adjustable rear set up due to the geometry changes. I love the way they waggle when you put the power on mid corner, but as entertaining as it is, its as slow as a live axle, it eats tyres and is pathetic in the wet.
The other possability would be a custom, off centre, adjustable bush set up. This would (theoretically) give a couple of degrees adjustability to the rear arms. Don't think they exist though, just me getting ideas.
I looked at the adjustable rear beams myself and nearly choked when i saw the price. It would be nice to think that you could get them cheaper but in reality, they take ages to build correctly.



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