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Tiny bit of snow

Started by Owain, April 06, 2008, 13:22:15 PM

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So took the cars out for a run

2 saffs

Spot the one that werent tucked away in a garage last night  
Nice camera work Rhys

fatboy billy

they look well like ford brochure photos and im shocked to see the cossie actually off the driveway lol looks very well too as do owains but when dont they lol


And the 2k is the stunner. the Cos look luvly though, reminds me of my bros old one.



[attachmentid=2300]Oh! no mate, this is a little bit of snow, taken at 09.15 am this morning, ROFL. Ray


nice pictures mate
bit scarey you were so near my place lol
Ingatestone hall always a good place to get the pics does look cool

2 saffs