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fun with the cossie

Started by xr4man, March 11, 2008, 23:11:30 PM

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so i got the transmission back in saturday and did the rear brakes sunday. so i had to take it out for a little fun.







Sweet...!!!   Bet ya well chuffed its sorted yeah   Are ya gonna put some vents in the bonnet? Cos the heat build up will be pretty high in there
IPB Image


absolutely. i have a carbon hood to go on that has the vents, this one was temporary just to keep from anything falling in the engine bay while it sat at the shop.

so you don't get too worried  


Jesus!!! your on the wrong side of the road!!!

Nah seriously, sweet! carbo hood is definatley a USA item not seen any over here, TBH most 3drs are cotton wooled, shame, nice to see them driven as intended.  

Good Work mate


March 12, 2008, 22:53:28 PM #4 Last Edit: March 12, 2008, 23:41:04 PM by xr4man
yeah the carbon hood is  a nice piece. the guy that made it also made the carbon grille on the red merkur. the fiber glass parts we get over here are not quite perfect fits and he wanted to make cossie parts that fit like originals out of carbon. the hood has all the nuts molded in for the stock hinge mounts and the hood latch. it also has all the strengthening on the under side like the original. so it's not quite a race piece, but does cut the weight some and looks tits.

oh yeah, what's the point of having a cos if you're not gonna drive it like it was built?


Quoteoh yeah, what's the point of having a cos if you're not gonna drive it like it was built?

Exactly! i half expected the back end out in the yard as you set off.