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cheap B&B found , the search has ended

Started by fordrwd4ever, January 17, 2015, 15:12:40 PM

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 Hi all,

This year we (me and my brother) need a place to bunk over while we are going to FordFair.
Unfortunately our mate Ade500 doesn`t have the space this time :(

If anyone knows an affordable B&B or hostel please let me know.
(or just a place to sleep will do)  :angel:

Preferrably somewhere in the middle of the UK ;D
Keep it very sideways..


Did find one in Watford.
Have sent an inquiry and if possible stay there
Keep it very sideways..


Does it have to be a B & B.

A fair few usually stop here. It's a nice place & about 20mins from the track.


Well, i don't want to camp so i kept looking.

Found one and booked it (sure wasn't easy as it is in the middle of the holiday season..)

So i've got everything sorted ( place to sleep, entry tickets/stand passes and .. tracktime :2tu: )
Keep it very sideways..


Run in ......


I usually look for stay on a farm,cheaper if you sleep with the pigs ;D

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