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Not a Ford but shares the same ECU as your Minkers

Started by scoobydo, May 20, 2014, 19:51:52 PM

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The engine in this car was nice & smooth. A credit to AVA as this must have been a beast back in it's day!

Was done back in the early 90's & I was amazed to find it was running pretty well, even the mapping was not too bad.

Very little lag & around 450bhp in a car that weighs about 1350kg is always fun!

Look at this! I have seen cars mapped the week before with worse fuelling than this yet this was mapped over 20 years ago.  :2tu:


Front mount is in, spal fan mounted and new radiator mounted. Also Wrapped downpipe and part of manifold in an attempt to get cooler air into the filter.

Pusher fan between IC an radiator (no room for a puller)

Crank to radiator clearance

downpipe and manifold

2.5 inch to 3inch from the IC cool side

This was where the old IC got its "airflow" from and this had a grill over it and the IC was a RS500 folded in half should see some improvements


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