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My Sierra GLS 4x4(ish)

Started by v6imp, December 27, 2013, 10:33:05 AM

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Thought I'd post a few pics of my beastie as I'm letting the Christmas food binge settle.

I got the car about 18mths ago as a replacement for my TDi Focus that my mate managed to write off after 5 mins on the motorway. After a quick look on ebay, I spotted her and bought her with full blinkers on (as you do). She'd been used as a rally marshals car and came with full sump/diff/tank guards, Bilstein suspension, Recaro interior, big spots and a few other little goodies and spares. She looked fairly solid and straight and I used her as my daily driver.

Then along came winter with all that lovely snow so out came the Kumho gravel tires which are truly epic. Nothing stopped her apart from a 2 foot drift which was about to take off the front bumper.
When spring came we decided to convert her to RWD as to have any sideways fun I was driving her too fast. I fitted a T9 with a lightened flywheel but left the front diff and driveshafts in place and had a bit of fun whilst my lad put together a hybrid MT75.
Once this was ready and we got hold off the right propshaft we fitted it along with a Scorpio Cosworth front end, Mondeo ST big brakes and modified the rear beam to solid mounts.
The front end makes a huge difference. Its given me 4deg neg camber and turns in like no Sierra I've ever driven. the only downside is the castor is a little shallow so she wanders a little at speed if your not careful.
I'd been planning on fitting a cage at some point but wasn't really interested in taking her off the road for a bit until my lad showed me a NCAP crash test on a 5 door...... It came off the road the next day.

I got hold of a basic bolt it cage and modified it to a multipoint weld in unit. I've still got the forward strut bars to fit but that'll  happen once the new engine gets fitted. Its a Jag 3 ltr with a manual box. We're just messing with the wiring so we can run it on the original ECU. We're nearly there but Christmas has gotten in the way of final messing with the loom.




The plan is to get the mechanicals right first, once I'm happy with everything then it'll be taken off the road and given a full stripdown/overhaul and full repaint. The 2.9 and hybrid may be up for grabs after that but who knows what'll happen.



Still not got to grips with the attachments. A bit more practice me thinks  ;)


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