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My Sierra

Started by revhead, March 07, 2013, 10:33:21 AM

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I'm not too hot on posting pictures but found one from a few years ago of my Sierra.
It is the same now just new front/rear bumpers but could do with a repaint  :rolleyes:
Current wheels are 8x17 Calibre vintage
It is 4x4 12v turbo.


set up a photobucket account for photos


Nice mate , I bet it looks well on the calibre vintage rims too.

Run in ......


They're a bit too wide at front for a 4x4 sierra at 8x17 plus i had to fit 10mm spacers - Is the front track wider on an xr4x4 then a 4x4 sapphire or is it just the driveshafts and hub combination? They work ok on a rwd car i've seen a few sets
I am looking into the DVD made versions which are supposed to be 7.5 x 17 which might work better  :unsure:

dr knockers

The rs4x4 has a different knuckle to the xr4x4. It allow an extra 12mm of wheel each side.

Were the 10mm spacers to stop the shocks from hitting the inner wheel lip? This is we're the gain is a believe. The shock angle and interection position on the knuckle is different and allows more inner j

Driveshafts should be ok, the xr ones are longer and rs cars that are lowered often opt for the xr driveshafts

Also u will need the rs brakes if using rs knuckles


Yes the 8x17's were touching the strut without the spacers. I was running cos 4x4 278mm discs and calipers with some spacers/ bushes I turned up to put the caliper in the correct place (the 2wd 283mm discs virtually touch the steering track end) I changed the discs to bugeye 24v scorpio cos ones which don't need such a thick spacer, they have a deeper bell more like the original xr 260mm jobs.

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