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my ride for the last 20 years

Started by limey, February 08, 2013, 07:34:16 AM

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some bodywork to do, your bonnet wont shut... ;D

nice granada!


yeah , panel fit is rubbish....its off a cortina  ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D
mk2cossie made me a pair of shiny bespoke raisers for it years ago and i love em. strong as the original brakcets too :mellow:
im hoping to draw outside air back under the bonnet to keep things a bit cooler now its got a turbo, but if i had a quid for every time someone stopped me in a petrol station or at a set of lights shouting "hey mate, your bonnets not shut".......
one bloke at a show said to his mate "bit pointless,why swap the hinging to the front"
its the only mk2 granada ive seen with a raised bonnet too so it makes it unique and i like having stuff no one else does ;)

if all goes well i may be dropping it back down, losing the rear tints and the headlight covers and going for a more standard look ....a little less obvious that its been  tinkered with  :mellow:
that said ,id really like to have the bonnet discretely louvred at some point around the turbo area, i just dont think ill be able to afford it

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