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My New 24V Fordpowerdish

Started by TwinTurbo, November 20, 2012, 21:42:53 PM

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After a sustained period of general sensible cars due to uncertainty of job... I decided that the last in the line ( A Mondeo TDCI ) needed replacing. I am also in the position that I only need to drive to work maybee twice a week at most and it's only 3mile round trip.

So I now own the best version of the Duratec V6

Ok it's an AJ30 (AJ-V6) but technicaly it is a development of our beloved SEA Duratec..

2001 Sport , 18" Split Rims, Black Leather, 5Spd Auto, etc..

Proper suspension too , and it works.


It's blue like my galaxy, Mondeo and Sapphire.. but not metalic surprisingly , which will help with a couple of dink repairs.




always loved the jags, and the stype is just like a scorpio :P:P:P

capri v8 driver

Ok it's an AJ30 (AJ-V6) but technicaly it is a development of our beloved SEA Duratec..

Ideal candidate for a swap  :angel: :angel: :wacko: :angel:
greetz Paul.

Capri V8 Driver.


Ford did own them then I think???

So kind of Ford I guess ;D


Debated one of those myself before I ended up with the Audi, the ones I found were just too expensive for the age :rolleyes:

Very nice car :mellow:


They are generaly very good value for money.

Had it 9 weeks now and still love it, it can go from a docile quiet cruiser to a mile munching cross country missile and still be a relaxing drive..


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