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Parts Wanted / Capri 15” seven spoke rims
« Last post by Bigj on Today at 08:02:48 »
I’m looking for a set of 5 Capri 7 x 15” 7 spoke rims as fitted to the 280s. Must be in very good condition and the correct Capri items, not similar Ford rims as fitted to other models. Complete with centre caps and bolts if possible.

With or without tyres.
General Discussion / Re: Cosworth 4x4 front hubs
« Last post by capri v8 driver on May 21, 2019, 19:25:27 PM »
Yep there different angles due to the ARB. 4x4 one is longer than the 2wd and the cossie ones are set for a different caster/camber.

Thought of rolling the wheel arches?
General Discussion / Cosworth 4x4 front hubs
« Last post by scud on May 20, 2019, 20:37:44 PM »
as I mentioned sometime earlier ive got a slight clearance issue with my front wheels catching the arch, the offset is just a few mm too wide and I cannot machine the wheel as it would catch the caliper (4pot cos) and cannot space the caliper back as it wouldn't align on the disc properly.

So I was reading on here and saw that using Cosworth 4x4 front hubs and carriers should give me a slightly 10mm? smaller front track, and a better steering angle?  I read up all I could find and it seems a straight swap onto my xr? im using the cosworth 4 pot 286mm brake setup everything else is normal xr parts

do I need to change to shorter steering rods? as I cant work out how the hub carrier could narrow the track without changing them as they a very close to the brake rotors already
General Images / Happy Valentines day everyone!
« Last post by puuhapete on February 14, 2019, 14:38:18 PM »

Three friends -96

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General Discussion / Re: Propshaft questions
« Last post by scud on January 29, 2019, 21:02:33 PM »
yes ive got a new center bearing and spider, the engine and gearbox mounts are all new I will get the shaft balanced once they are all fitted, got a new diff mount to finish it off.

my prop is one piece, just one uj at the rear diff.

once I finish all the emergency jobs on my friends ST I will get on it
General Discussion / Re: Propshaft questions
« Last post by capri v8 driver on January 20, 2019, 19:31:10 PM »
There should be no noticeable play the joints or in the center rubber. I would start to have the prop shaft balanced. I would also check the engine and gearbox mounts and the angle the engine/gearbox sits against the diff. With a sierra you want 0 degrees in the first prop shaft and no more then 5 degrees in the second prop shaft.
Parts For Sale / Re: For sale emerald K6 wiring loom for 24v cosworth engine
« Last post by Ptgladstone on January 20, 2019, 18:59:18 PM »
   How much are you looking at for this loom please?

Hi Rod,

Sorry it’s now been sold, can make another if required
Hi Rob,

All got sold I am afraid
General Discussion / Propshaft questions
« Last post by scud on January 18, 2019, 19:55:27 PM »
Recently 2-3k miles ago I replaced the propshaft dohnut rubber on my Xr's rear prop with a custom spacer that allows use of the still available Cosworth item and at the same time I replaced the center support bearing, the rear uj seemed fine at the time.

during testing after that everything was fine up to about 140mph, where some moderate vibration occoured that was hard to tell where it was coming from but did quieten quit alot if i went on the throttle and got worse backing off or just fethering it, but since i dont go that fast very often i didnt worry too much at the time as i said the uj looked fine and i recently rebuilt the front one.

then i broke an exhaust mount got it welded and found i had really bad vibs at 60-70mph which turned out to be the exhaust on the bumper .. mostly
After i sorted that i found, while testing the previous hard to pin down high speed vibration seemed to have moved to the 110-120 mph zone and gets slowly worse going faster but still changes with the throttle.
 so i had a poke around while fitting my accusump, and the center bearing had some signs of wear already, and there is some noticable play in the rear uj too not much but it moves by hand without much effort.

can anyone confirm my suspicions that this play in the uj and preamature wear in the center bearing is most likely the culpriit before i pull it all apart again ?

oh and can anyone tell me the size of the rear uj please
Parts For Sale / Re: For sale emerald K6 wiring loom for 24v cosworth engine
« Last post by do0ps on January 03, 2019, 14:34:09 PM »
Hi, I bought this loom from Pete. It’s an old advert, and I’m just replying to make you aware it’s sold.

In the middle of replacing my standard management with the new Emerald stuff.


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