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Author Topic: The MOBile  (Read 2990 times)

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The MOBile
« on: December 03, 2005, 19:53:52 PM »
i bought my blue 1991 tasmin blue sierra around 8 to 9 years ago..
at first i just enjoyed the car as it was, at the time i also had a company car and a wicked 1900 xr2!
any ways,,after a problem with abucled wheel, i ended up replacing then with OZO 5 spokes...
4 moths or so later the ebngine had oil pressure problems, these could not be repaired by the garage (i could have done it but lacked time) so this is where i ether replaced the 12v engine or upgraded it to 24v..
youl all know what i did
well here she is....

since then i have kept on changining the car to a point it is to day.....

spec's are

24v BOA cosworth V6 fitted
Later BOB cams, and own spec cam timing
Self designed oil breather system (made by franton)
Development MK2 plenum (not fitted due to blower rebuild) available from BOOST PERFORMANCE
uprated oil pump to own specs...
mazda milenia supercharger running 9psi boost (being rebuilt at this time)
modded rover intercooler
water injection
ether standard ecu or 12v twin cat ecu
perfect power SMT6 mapping.
2 x 345cc injectors

modded MT75 with high ratio 5th gear
home made quick-shift.
lightend 2.8 flywheel
alcon paddle clutch
special ratio clutch pawl
front diff fitted with brace plate
rear diff 7 1/2" granada cosworth LSD

front suspension.......
coil-overs with 300lb springs (soon to be 400lb)
group-n TCA and ARB bushes fitted (standard ones on chassis end)
eccentrict top mounts (undergoing mods)
strut brace (undergoing redesign)
28mm anti roll bar (to be changed soon along with comp struts)

rear suspension.....
coil-overs with 200lb springs (300lb to be fitted soon)
cosworth saph beam modded to take 7 1/2 diff
group n dif mount
group n bushes all round
camber/toe ajusted with shim kit
rear saph cosworth anti roll bar with polybushes

pressent wheels..
17" team dynamics..
these have ford offset up front but pug offset at the rear! ( this is a cheap way of gaining grip with a group-n like track at the back end)

all standard with 10% more pressure and greenstuff pads
(to be fitted 325mm front disk with 4 pots and 280mm vented rears)

body work....
combat body kit,
quad headlights with BMW lights fitted
home built single wipper
DTM mirrors

2 bucket seats and 3 point harnes's
small stearing wheel.
what else do ya need?

carbon fiber dash pannel, (home made)
24v revcounter fitted in dash
twin home built AFRs
oil pressure gauge
fuel pressure gauge
boost gauge
vacum gauge
engine bay temp gauge
turbo timer
knock sensor

oh and here is one of the car with the mk2 plenum and supercharger fitted,many thanks to mike at BOOST PERFORMANCE for all the help with development of this..

apart from that its standard!

the 24v xr4i auto-0 to 60 in 6.71 secs


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