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Hi everybody Scooby from Holland here, 33 years old and ford maniac.
New to this forum and hope to get more help and info with a few of my builds and plans, im not good with computers so forgive me in advance.

cars at the moment:

Sierra 3dr mk1, one owner car converting to a rs500 replica with a boa engine for track/drift
Sierra xr4i ex demo car of ford Netherlands found in a barn rotting away, currently running and driving, going to be a full Original restauration

Scorpio/Granada cosworth BOA complete in parts (donor car)

Scorpio/Granada cosworth BOB ghia full options daily driver

and the other cars/projects are not ford related hahaha

Welcome on our forum.

Hope you will enjoy it.

And do post a lot of updates on your project😋

Welkom!! Your in the right place for transit info and ideas!!!

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