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Title: bob into mk1 sierra
Post by: masfix on June 29, 2014, 17:40:14 PM
i have a mk 1 sierra that i have now got a bob engine for, i have done the gearbox mods with the 4x4 front end and 2wd rear end but i am now in need of a mt 75 2 :2wd 2 piece prop shaft, that's part 1 also due to the engine change I have inherited half of the bob wiring and what i can only describe as a bag of scrap which was supposed to be the boa wiring loom. I have what i'm told is the boa ecu. I see many people on here are talking about the best thing to do due to the PATS system is to go with the boa wiring, just looking for someone who has done this to see if this is the best way and if so some pin details Please. :2tu: