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Title: XR4x4 Twin Turbo
Post by: sierra3dr on July 12, 2020, 10:49:03 AM
Taken from the XR-Owners forum ......."Hi all, used to be on these forums waaaaaayy back in the day, I traveled to Oz many years ago and ended up staying, sadly leaving my XR4x4 Twin Turbo behind. It now looks like I have to move it from where it was stored/sitting in UK. Its been sitting idle outside for a number of years now unfortunately, but basic spec/info:


- Fully rebuilt with Minker spec pistons + heads (from Allan Jeffery, I'd have receipts somewhere) basically had only just been run in before being parked up.
- Lotus Carlton Injectors
- MBE Engine Management
- Alloy Rocker Covers

Other Points

- 3 Spoke RS Wheel
- Front + Side RS skirts (also have used unfitted RS rear apron)
- Cossie 170mph clocks
- F Reg

Body wise I think its a bit messy aka lacquer peeling off paint and rust patches etc. Engine wise its stood for a few years, before that it was practically just run in (was due to go back in and finish off mapping).

I know its a bit hard go on without pics re condition etc, but are these cars/parts worth anything anymore ?"
Title: Re: XR4x4 Twin Turbo
Post by: capri v8 driver on July 16, 2020, 15:24:42 PM
Sad to see it go after all the work that's gone into it.

There will be people for it but the market for cars is down at this moment due the Corona virus and the coming crisis. Looking at ebay the ones that are getting sold for high prices are in original and excellent condition. The ones with work are sold for little money. 

My advice, don't sell it but hang on to the car till times are beter and look for a other storage place or stick it in a shipping container and ship it over to the OZ. Sierra's are very rare in the OZ as only the RS500 is sold in the OZ for racing. So you would have something very special over there.