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Author Topic: Argentinian Taunus TC1 & TC3  (Read 2549 times)

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Argentinian Taunus TC1 & TC3
« on: July 10, 2008, 17:15:24 PM »
Hello all...
Im the proud owner of 4 Taunus. Two of them (pics) were made in Argentina with a lot of domestic market.
All Argentinian Taunus, were powered by 2.0/2.3 Lima engines... From 92hp to 132hp without turbo of course.
If you want to see for example a Taunus TC3 fastback (like a Cortina MK5 "fastback") look at our page.

My Taunus TCs are here...


Im restoring too a Taunus 17M P3 1961 4 doors and a Taunus 20M P7B 1968.
I love all cars in original conditions, but if it have the original engine with a lot of power is better!! I love Old Skool style...
My 17M have an obsolete 1700cm3 engine, BUT Im improving it a lot, with a race crancksfaft, race connecting rods for 10000 rpm, and race paistons (All made of forjed steel!!)
Electronic ingnition, flywheel of forjed steel too, clutch for race, 5 speed, 4 vented discs, bigger wheels, but the rest all original.
I promise pics of it... Im restoring from 2001!!
The Taunus M in Argentina are very rare cars, I supose here are living 25 P3 and only 5  P7B!!!
Im happy to stay here, and I saw a lot of wonderful machines.
Kind regards.


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