Ford Sierra 4x4 Supplement Manual

The Ford supplied Sierra 4x4 Supplementary Workshop Manual is a "must have" for any owner of one of these cars. The biggest problem can be actually finding one to purchase. I got lucky and managed to get mine direct from a Ford dealer, brand new for 8, who was having a clearout. They do appear regularly at autojumbles and it is just a case of keep looking.

The manual only covers those items unique to the 4x4 Sierra's and are to be used in conjunction with the Ford Sierra Workshop Manual.

Ford never produced a supplement that covered the 2.9 engine or the later Mark Two model but all the running gear sections are relevant as this never changed during the life of the model. I believe there is also a supplement that covers the MT75 gearbox for the 2.9 models.

I have included below some information and diagrams that maybe helpful to owners.

XR4x4 Drive Components

Transmission Oil Fill Information

Front Axle - Hypoid Oil SAE 90, API/GL5 (SQM-2C9002-AA)
Rear Axle - Hypoid Oil SAE 90, API/GL5 (SQM-2C9002-AA)
Intermediate Housing - SAE 80 (SQM-2C9008-A)
Transfer Box - (SQM-2C9010-A)

Filler Plug Torque Settings
Front Axle - 35 to 45 Nm
Rear Axle - 35 to 45 Nm
Intermediate Housing - 33 to 41 Nm
Transfer Box - 40 to 60 Nm

Front Axle

Type 9 Gearbox

Transfer Box

Rear Axle

Front Axle Drive Cross Section

A - Front axle gear assembly
B - Driveshaft
C - Drive gear - speedometer
D - Intermediate shaft