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Author Topic: Provisionally for sale - BOA ECU, EDIS and loom  (Read 74 times)

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Provisionally for sale - BOA ECU, EDIS and loom
« on: October 06, 2017, 16:24:58 PM »
Hi Everyone,

bit of a small speaker but a long time lurker here. Currently switching my cossie over to Megasquirt so the old loom will be redundant shortly.
So provisionally up for grabs is a BOA ECU, EDIS 6 module, and wiring loom up to the large black and white loom plugs. I can also throw in the AFM as I wont be needing it anymore. As a note, two wires were 'accidentally' removed but re-attached with spade terminals (sensor ground and signal wire for temp sensors). and the smart guy who put it in (no, not me!) had left one of the HEGO connectors leaning on the exhaust, but I have cut the wiring at the sensor end, so a bare ended HEGO can be re-attached. loom is an early '3 pin' hego version.

Item is located in norfolk but can be posted. I'm not too sure what to ask for it price wise as they dont come up that often. Possibly somewhere around the £250 mark?? Pics will follow this weekend hopefully. Any questions or comments (especially if I am way out with the price!) please put them here.